Amendments to Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure

January-26-10 by Administrator

On January 1, 2010, the government will introduce two new Regulations which will radically alter the Civil Litigation landscape in the Province of Ontario.   Regulation 438/08 provides for the most extensive amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure since the current Rules were introduced in 1985.    Also, Regulation 439/08 will raise the jurisdiction of Small Claims Court to $25,000.00 effective January 1, 2010.

Amendment Highlights

When I first agreed to present this paper, it was my expectation that I would be able to outline and discuss each and every amendment to the Rules.   However, having now had an opportunity to review all the amendments, I realize that this is an impossible task in a twenty minute presentation.  My goal is to highlight the amendments that I believe will be most applicable to lawyers practicing in the Region of Halton.

I have not touched on the amendments to Mandatory Mediation or Civil Case Management which really relate to our Toronto brethren.  Also, the extensive amendments to the Summary Judgment Rule will be covered by Michael Emery later today.

Please download the following PDF for my full review.