The Rules, They Are A Changin…

Government amended the Rules of Civil Procedure related to cases with damages of $200,000 or less. While lawyers are not exactly known for being open to innovation, these changes should be embraced by the personal injury bar.

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the jury

What I Wish I Could Tell the Jury

In our justice system, we give jurors profound responsibility and power when we entrust them to render verdicts in legal disputes. The problem in civil cases is that, despite the trust we put in jurors, we do not tell them the whole story or the context in which their decisions are being rendered.

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Tourist Claims for Vacation Injuries

With the warm and sunny days of summer behind us, many Canadians are planning tropical vacations to get a break from the impending harsh winter weather.  Many of these trips will go off without a hitch but, for some, things can go very wrong and serious injuries can occur.  We are often consulted by injury victims upon their return to Canada to determine whether they have a viable claim, or lawsuit, arising from the injury.  The question of whether they can be compensated is complex and involves an entirely different analysis than if the injury had occurred in Ontario.

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