Bruce Hillyer on Motorcycles & The “May 24” Weekend

With spring in the air comes the intermittent hum of passing motorcycles.

For this outdoor enthusiast, with a love of all manner of transportation, this time of year brings memories of travelling to Port Dover on my 1958 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The wind in my helmetless hair, and the sting on my face of a passing June bug, was like being freed from the daily grind of life.

Years later, as a seasoned Trial Lawyer, I worry about this year’s crop of freedom seekers enjoying the thrill of riding a motorcycle, either for the first time or as part of their annual renewal with their favorite means of transportation.

I worry since every spring brings to my office new accident victims who are seriously injured or worse by careless car or truck drivers who for some reason can’t seem to avoid killing or maiming motorcyclists, and I have to try and put their lives back together again.

To my motorcycling enthusiasts, I wish to remind them of what they already know; assume all motorists don’t see you even though you are clearly visible.

I wish I had the resources to put up a giant billboard on every street corner urging the motoring public to be on the lookout for motorcycles.

Maybe this can be my billboard.



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Bruce Hillyer is one of the founding partners of what is now Martin & Hillyer Associates. Bruce was called to the bar in 1972 and has over 40 years experience as a trial lawyer representing clients in the Burlington area. His practice is focused on civil and criminal litigation, with an emphasis on personal injury and insurance disputes.