Volunteers at Helmets for Kids

On Monday June 21st, the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association(OTLA) in conjunction with the Brain Injury Association of Peel and Halton(BIAPH) held a Helmets for Kids Campaign at the Halton Children’s Safety Village to bring helmets to kids in need. Local Halton personal injury lawyers donated funds to purchase 170 helmets for kids who otherwise would not have one.

Thank you to our donors:

  • Martin & Hillyer
  • MacDonald & Swan
  • Haber & Associates
  • Brechin & Huffman Lawyers
  • Kathy Chittley-Young
  • Will Barristers
  • Munn Law Firm

Laura Hillyer, Martin & Hillyer, coordinated the event, the first of it’s kind in the Halton Region. Children from McKenzie Smith Bennett School in Acton were taken on a trip to the Halton Children’s Safety Village in Oakville, where they received bike safety instruction from Cindy Lawrence of the Safety Village. All the children were then individually fitted for a brand new bike helmet.

Thanks to the volunteers from Martin & Hillyer, OTLA and the Halton Police co-op student program.
Below is a photo with a student from MSB along with (from left to right): Mr. Baker (Grade 3 teacher), Officer Barnett (Halton Police), and Laura Hillyer (Martin & Hillyer).

Important tips for a proper bike helmet fit:

  • the helmet should cover the top of the forehead and should rest about 2 fingers’ width above the eyebrows.
  • the side straps should fit snugly around the child’s ears in a “V” shape
  • buckles on the side strap should fit right under the ear
  • buckle the chin strap so that only 2 of the child’s fingers can fit between the strap and the chin
  • the helmet should fit snug on the child’s head and not move when the child shakes their head

For more information on bike safety please visit the following websites:
Article regarding this event posted on Inside, click here.

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