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Travel Insurance

So, once again Ontarians start dreaming and planning about their winter getaway!  Planning for an adverse health issue is never high on the agenda since we all either feel it won’t hit us or we’ll just take a chance.  The danger of course is the extraordinary cost of health care, particularly in the states. 

There are companies willing to sell us insurance to cover those costs but beware of the fine print in any application you fill in for coverage.

The most important advice I can give is to answer the questions clearly and honestly since most insurers will take a run at denying coverage after the event by comparing your application with your doctor’s clinical notes and records. 

They will be looking for any little misstatement they can find to deny coverage on the basis that you didn’t fill in the application honestly.

If you are not sure about your recent medical history or diagnosis call your doctor and get him or her to fill you in.  In addition, try and refrain from any changes in medication or treatment in the 90 days before your departure since that could be problematic.

The best place to find travel insurance is with an independent insurance broker who can help you fill in the application and avoid any missteps that might disentitle you from coverage.

So, all that said you can now check off one thing to do right before your departure.  Of course, it also helps you not to be too adventurous in your holiday activities. (If you do get injured while on vacation, read Laura Hillyer’s blog post Tourist Claims for Vacation Injuries for some advice, or give us a call!)

Enjoy the sun and the time off!



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