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COVID-19 Trials

Zoom has emerged as a viable tool to not only keep the justice system from collapsing, but to make it more efficient and user friendly compared to the traditional way the courts operated.

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Anti-SLAPP Legislation

SLAPP, which stands for strategic lawsuit against public participation, is a lawsuit that is designed to censor, intimidate and silence critics of some public interest. The actual aim of the lawsuit is to burden the defendant to such an extent that they decide to terminate their opposition.

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covid 19 impact on limitation period

COVID-19 Impact On Limitation Period: What You Need To Know

The COVID-19 situation has therefore created a pause in Ontario’s normal limitation period protocol, but since online filings of statements of claims have continued throughout the pandemic, if you wish to avoid further delay in your litigation, you can ask your lawyer to have your statement of claim filed electronically with the court.

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