The Children’s Aid Society wants to interview me! What do I do?

If the CAS calls you for an interview, do you have to speak with them? The short answer is, in most cases, no – however, if you don’t agree to an interview, this raises a big red flag, and the CAS has a range of options open to them to compel you to participate in their investigation, or to continue their investigation without your involvement.

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Getting the Care You Need … Now!

Coping with serious injuries, along with a delay in getting care and/or wage loss benefits, can make a difficult situation that much worse. At Martin & Hillyer we believe it is critical to become actively involved in our client’s case as soon as possible.

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I think most homeowners would just assume they have to clear the public sidewalks adjacent to their homes. My dad did it when I was growing up (I’m sure he still does). I see my neighbours doing it on my street (thank you!). As for me, once I had my own house, I just presumed I had a legal duty to do so. The actual, real answer to the question is a very typical lawyer answer. You MAY have to clear the public sidewalk…but it depends on the circumstances.

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money spilling out of a jar

Am I Suing A Person or An Insurance Company?

If you are injured in a car crash and feel that you should be entitled to compensation for your pain, income losses, or other expenses, rest assured that in most circumstances, it will be an insurance company that is paying for your claim – not the individual person who actually caused the car crash.

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The Rules, They Are A Changin…

Government amended the Rules of Civil Procedure related to cases with damages of $200,000 or less. While lawyers are not exactly known for being open to innovation, these changes should be embraced by the personal injury bar.

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