On Halloween night both children and their parents can be preoccupied with the excitement of the evening and may not pay safety as much thought as is needed. Consider these safe driving tips when you are out and about on Halloween night.

  • Keep your eyes on the road and don’t use handheld devices like your iPod or cell phone. Not only is it unsafe, it is also the law.
  • Pay extra attention, particularly to crosswalks, intersections and the side of the road. Be on the lookout for kids walking along the curb and not on a sidewalk.
  • During trick-or-treating hours drive below the posted speed limit in residential areas. A child may run out in front of your vehicle while trying to cross the street and you must leave yourself sufficient time to brake.
  • Do not pass other vehicles that have stopped in the roadway, they could be dropping off children that may cross the road in front of the vehicle.
  • Make use of your hazard lights. If you are dropping off or picking up your kids, pull safely off the road and turn on your hazard lights to alert other motorists of your stationary vehicle.

The streets are literally crawling with ghosts, goblins and witches but keep in mind these driving tips and you shouldn’t have any difficulty driving on Halloween night.

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