2018 has flown by and it is already December! Whether or not you have started (or finished?!) your holiday shopping, we hope this gift guide can help you find something for that difficult-to-buy-for person in your life.

So, what should you get for that person in your life who…

… is selling their home?

Boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Once the deal closes, your friend will need to vacate the premises immediately. Packing everything up well in advance will help moving go smoothly and avoid any day of closing confrontations.

… is acting as a Power of Attorney or Estate Trustee for their friend or loved one?

Many people do not appreciate how difficult these jobs can be – and how many different obligations need to be coordinated. Your friend who is acting in one of these roles would surely appreciate any one of these stylish day planners to help them keep track of all of the extra bills and appointments they now have to deal with. The advantage of having all of this information in its own dedicated planner is that it is easy to provide to your lawyer if/when you later need to account for your actions as a Power of Attorney or Estate Trustee.

… is starting their own business?

This smart-looking cabinet will be a great place for them to store their corporate minute book, financial statements, and other important documents. This means they will have everything handy when they need to see a lawyer about updating their minute book or making changes to their corporation.

… still needs to make a will?

This handy notebook that will help them organize their thoughts and wishes before meeting with a lawyer.

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