Employment Lawyers in Burlington

We represent employees and employers when workplace problems arise. And often, early advice from one of our local employment lawyers can prevent a problem from arising in the first place.

Employees in Ontario are protected by certain employment standards, and it’s important that employees know their rights and have the help of a local employment lawyer to enforce them when necessary. At the same time, it’s important for employers to understand their obligations, and one of our Burlington employment lawyers can provide much-needed advice to employers about what they must (and must not) do.

We can help with wrongful dismissal claims, including when employees get fired with or without cause. We are also experienced when it comes to dealing with constructive dismissal claims, frustration of contract claims and other disputes that can arise on the termination of the employment relationship.

Employees are protected by certain employment standards, and it’s important that employees know their rights.

We provide advice on the drafting and reviewing of employment and independent contractor agreements, and represent employees, contractors and employers when contract disputes arise.

Employees have the right to work in a safe workplace, free from violence, discrimination and harassment. We help employees exercise their rights when their work situation becomes intolerable, and we can help employers ensure they are living up to their legal obligations.

Employment disputes often arise in the context of employee injuries and disability. In addition to employment work, many of our lawyers practice personal injury law and represent injured people in disputes with negligent parties or insurance companies who wrongly deny longterm disability (LTD) claims. Our overlapping expertise in injury, insurance and employment law uniquely positions us to fight for the rights of injured employees who are having trouble with a stubborn insurance company or an unaccommodating workplace.


Whatever your employment issue is, we can help. Whether it’s drafting a contract, enforcing your rights, fighting a wrongful termination, or helping with a long-term disability complaint, contact one of our local Burlington lawyers to find out what we can do for you.



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