Door Sign reads "Legal & Patient Resource Room"

Hamilton General Hospital Foundation would like to acknowledge Martin & Hillyer Associates’ generous $6,400 donation toward critical accessibility upgrades to the Hospital’s Legal & Patient Resource Room.

Martin & Hillyer Associates assisted in the establishment of the room in 2012, and their commitment to ensuring full accessibility for The General’s patients and their families is truly appreciated.

“When we learned that the room needed to be renovated to make it more accessible for persons in wheelchairs, we were happy to provide the funding.” -Claire Wilkinson, Martin & Hillyer Associates

The installation of an automatic door opener, in addition to the lowered brochure hangers, will help patients with mobility difficulties access information with ease. The room’s counter has added durability so visitors can apply pressure without risking injury. Lastly, photographs are now placed on the walls, adding to the warmth of the room.

“The whole goal is to provide patients and their families with information in a non-pressured and quiet environment.”

Hospital staff direct patients and their families to the Legal & Patient Resource Room, located within The General’s lobby, when they ask for legal counsel or other services. Brochures from many Greater Hamilton Area organizations are displayed in the room. Participating firms specialize in diverse service lines, from personal injury, wills and estates, and family law, to home care, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. Pamphlets from The Foundation’s Care4 cause marketing partners, Philips Lifeline and Bayshore Home Health, are housed there as well.

For law firms and other for-profit companies, the room serves as a marketing opportunity to have their brochures available in a location convenient for people who need to research information quickly and easily.

“We very much believe in this renovation project, and are delighted that funds generated from the room go to support other important projects and equipment needed by Hamilton Health Sciences and its patients,” says Claire.

For more information on the Legal & Patient Resource Room, please contact Colleen Cowman, Director, Development, Hamilton General Hospital Foundation at or 905-521-2100 x 46873.


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